iF DESIGN AWARD 2024 WINNER Pangram Sleek N1

iF DESIGN AWARD 2024 WINNER Pangram Sleek N1

 Pangram's flip-top portable perfume atomizer Sleek N1 won the German iF Design Award 2024.

 The iF Design Awards, along with Red Dot (Germany) and IDEA (USA), are one of the world's top three design competitions and boast the oldest tradition. In this award, more than 11,000 entries were received from 72 countries, and the best products in each field were selected and announced by comprehensively evaluating design as well as originality, practicality, and stability.

 This is a unique portable perfume atomizer to Sleek N1 Pangram, and it maximizes intuitive convenience without checking the spraying direction through a Flip top spray structure optimized for portable containers.

 In particular, Sleek N1 is a product that improves portability by applying eco-friendly materials such as polyketone, a carbon-reducing material, and PCTG, which does not detect BPA, as well as implements ESG management of Pangram, and is receiving favorable reviews from domestic and foreign users in various fields such as function and design, including the selection of the Korea Good Design.

 Through this award, we will try to repay you with better products and designs.

Thank you.