Design Specification

 Fiume maximized the convenience of spraying for the customer.

Traditional style atomizer had separate cap. So you had to open and find the spraying

direction by using two hands. 

We applied our latest unique Flip-top style and integrate spray with cap.

Now you can spray the pump by using only one hand with simple touch. Also instantly find

the spraying direction once it is in your hand. Intuitively, it can be used the moment you take

it out from the pocket or pouch.


 Fiume was designed by the motif of transformation.

We metaphorically expressed women’s transformation after using Fiume with their perfume

by transforming the round mid design to square section at the top and bottom. Not only

the nice curve lines in the mid gives you the classy feel, it fits comfortably in your hand. By

introducing our latest Flip-top style which allows you to open and close sensuously by

using just the finger, we sensuously expressed ergonomic design.



  • Removing the bottle is very easy. So you can wash and reuse.
  • We use nontoxic, eco-friendly new material Polyketone
  • We improved the stability of preserving the scent by glass bottle.
  • We are using leak-proof, high quality fine mist spray pump.
  • Our product is aircraft approved for hand baggage
  • 5ml capacity contains up to 65 sprays


* fiume : In korean means 1) bloom 2) fragrant