Tongil Pocket Case won the KWIA Design Award

Tongil Pocket Case won the KWIA Design Award

 At the Korean Trademark-Design right exhibition 2018, our new product  ‘Flip top Fiume’

won the Design Award by KWIA (Korea Women Invention Association)


 The Trademark-Design right exhibition 2018 hosted by the Korean Intellectual

Property Office and sponsored by the Korea Invention Promotion Association was

held in 1982 and is celebrated 37 times this year.


 Award-winning product ‘Flip top Fiume’ is Tongil’s unique perfume atomizer

that has integrated spray structure maximizing intuitive user convenience without

having to check the spraying direction.


 The cover's soft and supple open and closure structure has enhanced the user’s

usability. Also by emphasizing the feminine beauty with beautiful curves and

improving grip during one hand operation, ‘Flip-top Fiume’ is receiving positive

reviews from domestic and foreign customers


 Through this award, our company will make our best effort to create better

product and design. Thank you.