Winner of 2019 KINPEX and TDEX

Winner of 2019 KINPEX and TDEX

 Our Flip-top sprayer accomplished a great achievement of winning both MOTIE

Minister prize and KIPO Commissioner prize.


 Flip-top sprayer got the honor of winning MOTIE (Ministry of Trade, industry and

Energy) Minister Prize at the 2019 KINPEX (Korea Invention Patent Exhibition) and KI-

PO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) Commissioner Prize of 2019 TDEX (Tradema-

rk Design Right Exhibition)


 KINPEX(Korea Invention Patent Exhibition) in progress since 1982 and TDEX

(Trademark-Design Right Exhibition) from 2006 is Korea's most renowned patent te-

chnology and design exhibition events in Korea hosted by Korea Invention Promoti-

on Association. To enter the level of countries with advanced technology, Innovative

inventions and designs are discovered and awarded after strict evaluation during

this event.


 Award winning Flip-top sprayer is Tongil’s unique all-in-one spraying mechanism

that can be used without having to check the spraying direction and also can be op-

erated with only one hand intuitively. Products released in high-end and popular ty-

pe models are currently exported to the U.S. and Asia and they are highly acclaimed

for their excellent technical skills, design, and maximum ease of use.

Through this award, our company will make our best effort to create better product

and design.


Thank you.