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Minitz T13

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Volume 4ml
Height 87.5mm
Diameter 15.2mm
Spray Approx. 60 pumps
Material Aluminum, glass, synthetic resin, etc.
  • Chic and durable Lightweight aluminum case
  • Removing the bottle is easy, allowing you wash and reuse
  • Improved stability of preserving the scent by using glass bottle
  • High quality spray and Fine mist spray use
  • Aircraft approved for hand carry


  • Simple and slim basic design


  • How do I refill?
    Since most commercial perfume bottles are finished with a crimping seal, a simple way to refill a perfume is by spritzing until a refill bottle is filled. However, if you want an easier option, you may remove a sprayer part of the perfume and replace it with a refill chip. If the sprayer part cannot be removed, you may use a funnel or syringe to refill.
  • After placing an order, how long does it take to be shipped?
    The shipping timeline depends on the order volume and our inventory, but our principle is to dispatch your order on the day the order is received. If the order is a customized item, it usually takes about two weeks after a final sample is confirmed.
  • How will it be packaged?
    Our default packing unit is 10 of the same model and color in an OPP plastic bag. If you have a special packaging request, please let us know the requirements on a separate note.
  • Can I put handmade perfume, herb, or oils?
    Oil-based or other highly concentrated natural products are less stable than alcohol-based products. In addition to their nature of being easily contaminated, they may chemically react with spray parts, leading to spillage, distortion, or breakage of pump parts. Thus, we recommend using alcohol-based products only.
  • What is the material of your packaging?
    The most commonly used packaging material for perfume is glass because glass is very stable in storing liquid for an extended period. Plus, it is an environmentally-friendly option as the material is nature-derived and doesn't produce endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC). Compared to plastic or other synthetic resins that chemically reacts with perfume, it is the most stable form.

    ※ "Other packaging" category includes PP, PET made packagings.


  • There's a color change in my perfume.
    The color of your perfume may change due to various reasons, such as manufacturing or storage conditions.

    Please check the product's expiry date, consume it within the period, and store the product in a cool, dark place. Sanitizing with rubbing alcohol before using our portable containers is another good way to prevent discoloration.
  • Sprayer doesn't work after refill.
    The spray tube is empty for the first time, so press the pump 4-6 times to bring the liquid close to the dispensing pump.
  • Sprayer is not dispensing.
    If you are using liquid products other than perfume, they may harden or create sediment that leads to blocking a spray nozzle with their residue. In this case, soak the pump in lukewarm water to temporarily solve the issue; however, please avoid using heavy liquids other than perfume.
  • Cap is stained with liquid.
    The spray pump is structurally designed to have tiny droplets left on a dispenser. When the cap is closed immediately after spritzing, there may be a slight leakage due to pressure. If the dispenser is cleaned or lightly shaken before closing, these measures can prevent the liquid stain.
  • My spray bottle leaks.
    Please check if the glass and spray pump is closed correctly. Also, in case of packaging like aluminum models with outer packaging, the inner glass packaging must be taken out first to be sealed properly. The leakage may occur when the glass bottle is not taken out then sealed.