2019 Cosmoprof North America Awards

2019 Cosmoprof North America Awards

 Our new product 'FIUME' is being selected as the finalists in the Skin Care

Packaging Design category at 2019 Cosmoprof North America Awards.


 Cosmoprof North America is one of the biggest cosmetics trade show in the world along with Bologna and Hong Kong, and in particular, the Cosmoprof award is the

world most renowned cosmetic award which select a award winning product that meets the five strict criteria of innovation, marketability, technology, quality and substantiality


 Award winning product, 'FIUME' is a portable mist spray that maximizes the convenience of spraying. Without checking the spraying direction, Intuitively, it can be used with only one hand. Also it is highly competitive in price with elegant design and outstanding product quality.


 We will make our best to create a product that can satisfy our customers.