57th Invention Day Ministerial Commendation Award

57th Invention Day Ministerial Commendation Award

 Nam-joo Park, CEO of Pangram Co., Ltd., has awarded a ministerial commendation at the ‘57th Invention Day’ ceremony.

 Every year, KIPO (KOREAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE) celebrates Invention Day (May 19th) by discovering and awarding a man of merit who has contributed to the promotion of invention in Korea. This ceremony was held at the Grand Ballroom of the 63 Convention Center in Seoul on June 14th.


 Nam-joo Park, CEO has been recognized for his contribution to the development of the national packaging industry with the only portable mist packaging specialized technology development and manufacturing, etc., in Korea, and awarded the MOTIE (Minister of Trade, Industry and energy) Commendation.


 In particular, the contribution to the improvement of spraying convenience and the development of the eco-friendly packaging field through the development of a Flip-top spraying structure for improving the convenience of use of portable products and the development of a one-touch refill structure for container reuse,


 More than 40 domestic and overseas intellectual property rights applications and registrations. Of course, we were also recognized for our contribution to creating a foundation for IP creation by acquiring IP management certification, activating job inventions, and winning domestic and international invention award.


 Through this award, we will effort to develop better products and designs, as well as grow into a company that cares about the environment, providing pleasure and profits to our customers.