[Award] 2023 Invention Patent Competition Award

[Award] 2023 Invention Patent Competition Award

 Our Pangram’s ‘Refill Stick’ won the Korea International Trade Association Chairman’s Award at the 2023 Invention Patent Competition.


 Hosted by the Korean Intellectual Property Office and organized by the Korea Invention Promotion Association, the Invention Patent Exhibition, which has been held since 1982, is the most prestigious patent technology exhibition event in Korea and discovers, carefully selects, and awards excellent intellectual properties in order to become a technologically advanced country.


 The Pangram Refill Stick, which won the award this time, is an easy and quick perfume refill tool. It is a product that extracts and distributes perfume by applying Venom Extractor technology, which extracts snake venom using pressure differences. It can extract 5ml in up to 3 seconds, and was developed through analysis of the packaging of hundreds of perfume brands, so it can be used without difficulty even with new pump pistons up to 5.4mm.


 We ask for your continued interest and support. Through this award, we will strive to develop better technologies and designs related to portable packaging as well as grow into an environmentally conscious company to provide joy and benefit to our customers.


Thank you