Gold prize on Korea Star Awards 2021

Gold prize on Korea Star Awards 2021

 Our Flip-Top spraying structure won the Gold prize (Minister of Trade, Industry-

and Energy’s prize) at the ‘15th Korea Star Awards 2021’


 Korea Star awards, hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy are the mo-

st prestigious packaging award in Korea. Awarded to businesses and products cont-

ributed to the development of the packaging industry and enhancement of techno-

logical competitiveness through strict evaluating by experts and national judges re-

presenting the packaging industry.


 Pangram's unique Flip-top has integrated spray structure, maximizing intuitive user

convenience without having to check the spraying direction. Products released in

two types, high-end and entry-level, are currently being exported to the United

States and Asia, and are receiving good reputation for their superior technology and

design as well as maximized the convenience.


 Through this award, we will do our best to develop better products and designs,

as well as grow into a company that cares about the environment and provide plea-

sure and profits to our customers.


Thank you.