[New] Sleek N1 perfume atomizer launched

[New] Sleek N1 perfume atomizer launched

 We have launched a new perfume atomizer, Sleek N1


 Sleek N1 perfume atomizer improves spraying convenience by applying Pangram's unique portable flip-top spraying method, while eliminating the use of aluminum and using environmentally friendly materials such as PCTG, an eco-friendly non-toxic material, and polyketone, a carbon-reducing material, as much as possible. This product was developed using this product.


 In addition, by applying Pangram's new engine with improved spraying pressure, the pressing pressure has been reduced by about 30% compared to our existing products, further improving spraying convenience, and by using high-quality Italian glass, preservation power has been strengthened.


 In particular, based on the basic purpose of being a product for refilling and distributing perfumes, the basic design value of 'harmony' was designed to harmonize and capture the various images, distinct personalities, and values of perfumes from numerous brands without any sense of heterogeneity. The product design was carried out with this in mind, and through the transparent bottom design, various design elements that can make portable use fun, such as the color of the perfume and the emotional design that changes colorfully depending on the external environment, were reflected in the product.


 The excellence of its functionality and design has already been recognized at domestic and international awards even before its launch, including being selected as a Good Design in 2022 and winning a gold medal at the Swiss Invention Exhibition. We are making efforts to promote the excellence and value of our products, such as by participating in the iF Design Award in Germany.


 We ask for your continued interest and support. Through the launch of Sleek N1, we will strive to develop better technologies and designs related to portable packaging as well as grow into an environmentally conscious company to bring joy and benefit to our customers.


Thank you