Tongil pocket case won the Good Design 2019

Tongil pocket case won the Good Design 2019

 Tongil Pocket Case was a winner of 2019 Good Design Selection, discipline product, in the style design category. Award winning product, Flip-top BE:IN is the popular model of  Flip-top style with maximized convenience of spraying,


 Good Design award hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and sponsored by the Korea Institute of Design and Promotion is Korea's most renowned design certification system that has been conducted every year since 1985. ‘The GOOD DESIGN (GD)' mark is given to recognized product with excellent design after comprehensively reviewing the appearance, function, materials, and economic feasibility of products.


 Award winning product, ‘Flip-Top BE:IN’ is a portable mist sprayer implemented with Tongil’s unique Flip-Top style, all-in-one spraying mechanism that can be used without having to check the spraying direction and also can be operated  with only one hand intuitively. Especially designed for mass production at low cost,

 It’s a popular type model product that can be applied in variety of products such as oral spray and dress perfume.


 Moreover, the Flip-top style portable product developed by the company have proved it’s design competitiveness globally by winning the world renowned design awards such as the 2018 Korean Trademark-Design Right Exhibition and 2019 IF design award. Also by newly receiving 2019 Good design mark this year, the ‘Flip-top BE:IN’ achieved recognition for it’s excellence in design once again.


 Through this award, our company will make our best effort to create better product and design.

Thank you.