Winner of Geneva Invention Exhibition 2021

Winner of Geneva Invention Exhibition 2021

 Our Flip-Top spraying structure has won the Gold prize at the Geneva International

Invention Exhibition, Switzerland.


 This Invention Exhibition is one of the world's three major Int’l invention exhibitions,

along with the Pittsburgh, USA, Nuremberg Germany, and boasts the world's largest


 In particular, in the 2021 event, even in the global COVID19 pandemic, 1,000 invent-

ions from 35 countries were exhibited and fierce competition, while the excellence

of technology, innovation, and functionality were recognized and we’ve got great

achievement on won the gold medal.


 Pangram's unique Flip-Top spraying structure, which was awarded this time, is a pr-

oduct that can be used with one hand and intuitive use without finding the spraying

direction. Products released in two types, high-end and low-end, are currently being

exported to the US and Asia, and are well received for their excellent technology and

design as well as maximizing ease of use.


Through this award, we will do our best to provide customers with enjoyment and

profits with better products and designs.


Thank you.